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KUIU sues Eastman’s Publishing, Inc. for fraud - posted 3 years ago

If you read the lawsuit, Eastman certainly has some explaining to do...Love to hear Eastman's side. I am sure they have one.

Young female hunter target of anti-hunting social media attack - posted 3 years ago

In regards to the young lady that shot the Giraffe. I was able to see some of her pictures. There is one of her "posing" on top of the animal with her foot on it's neck. I have never seen such a disregard for any animal. If she was my child she would NOT be hunting for a very very long time. She certainly would not have learned that behavior from me. Any heat she is getting at this point is WELL DESERVED. To the adults in her life, best teach her some ethics and reverence for these great animals.

KUIU changing camo patterns? - posted 3 years ago

Jason I love what you have done. Been a huge fan since day one and I have parted with thousands of $ to date. Having said that, not all of us are "Alaska Sheep Hunters" It would be nice to keep some of the "Verde" for Western Hunters. Looking at numbers it very apparent that you are taking a large chunk from your former company Sitka. I'm sorry buddy but this looks like something Sitka would put out. kind of a knock off...Just my opinion. The originality of the current line is what drew me to it. Bottom line, keep up the good work. Please consider keeping Verde as choice 3

Africa: The journey of a lifetime - posted 3 years ago

Very impressive young lady! Remind me to stay on your good side! :)

Delta maintains ban on transporting hunting trophies - posted 3 years ago

From what I just went and looked up if it's "true" It seems to be reserved for African Trophy's. This is the statement on their website this morning “Effective immediately, Delta will officially ban shipment of all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies worldwide as freight,”........... I'm guessing they would balk as carry on even here in the states...... but I would love to see the pic if you can :)))