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BROTHERHOOD OF THE ELK WOODS - A Wyoming Archery Elk Hunt - posted 4 months ago

Wow, awesome hunt, awesome film guys! Did Brady end up tagging a bull during the rifle season?

Kentucky sends Wisconsin 60 more elk - posted 6 months ago

+1 Jordan. Also, while I understand the biological argument that there should be little impact, the state could have held off just a bit longer before opening up hunting...Feels almost like stocking trout at this point

Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 1 year ago

So disappointing. I was intrigued by the title of the article, but it sounds like this guy just wants to box out other hunters. Not by working harder than the next guy, but by further reducing opportunity for others through lobbying.

First grizzly bear hunt in 44 years blocked! - posted 1 year ago

Colorado moves forward with CWD response plan - posted 1 year ago

Wait a minute. I'm sorry if I misunderstand how this advisory group fits into the overall response, but Colorado is just NOW figuring out how to deal with to CWD?! Colorado was literally ground zero for discovery. How has it taken the better part of four decades to do something? I'm originally from WI, and while I don't know that the response there has been overly effective I can say with confidence that at least the DNR and state agencies wasted no time developing and implementing a plan... Have wildlife ranches in the state been subject to inspection over these past years? I know there are different sides to the story, but invariably game farms out east tend to be the first place CWD shows up.