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Idaho commissioner steps down amid outrage over baboon kill photos - posted 1 day ago

Some things dont need to be publicized. Whether is is legal or illegal is neither here nor there. Some things just should not be shared.

Montana bowhunter survives grizzly bear attack - posted 1 day ago

I’m glad you can take a joke. I’m also very glad to see that you boys are OK. That is a very serious situation that you had yourself in. I have never been sprayed by bear spray before but I have no doubt it burns like hell.

That must’ve been quite the Chinese fire drill LOL

God blessed you both that day.

I hope you’re able to enjoy the rest of your hunting season and good luck to the both of you!

Montana bowhunter survives grizzly bear attack - posted 2 days ago

And for the record I wish they had killed the bear instead of just spraying it.

Montana bowhunter survives grizzly bear attack - posted 2 days ago

"She tried to get me into a bear hug headlock"

Am I the only person who smirked at the though of this guy and his buddy spraying each other with bear spray while a bear was attacking them? I mean I know it may be too soon for jokes around the fire but if it was made into a cartoon......I'm just saying....

Thank god they didn't have guns...they would have made each other look like swiss cheese.

Too soon?? I know.... I know

On a serious note, I'm glad they are ok!

Those rabies shots are going to hurt worse than the bear bites...just saying. They really do hurt.

The New Optics Authority - posted 3 days ago

I only use the ball style. I find it to be the easiest style to use. It is very quick and stable. I can scan then lock down and be really stable. But to each their own.

Having said that I dont use a spotting scope that weighs 4 pounds either...Never will