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Overview of Colorado's license fee changes for 2019 - posted 3 days ago

Danny S., Colorado took "fairness" out of the equation a long time ago...

Its insulting to non-resident hunters and turning everything into a rich mans sport.

The answer is simple, Boycott Colorado if you dont like things. If nobody bought a license this year I bet they would change their tune.

Want to count wolves in Michigan? - posted 3 days ago

Most guys have been shooting them and leaving them lay for years up there. I doubt many people will cooperate. People are pissed off about the wolves.

How to apply for Nevada’s 2019 nonresident mule deer guided draw - posted 3 days ago

What a crock of crap this program is. All to line the pockets of the outfitters. Ridiculous!

New South Carolina bill pushes for coyote bounty - posted 3 days ago

Can you provide facts behind your statements that "this isnt going to work at all"?

New bill on deck to combat CWD - posted 2 weeks ago

Good news. I hope this passes and they find a cure for this disease. I hate seeing animals die from disease.