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MTNTOUGH — Fitness training for the western hunter - posted 11 hours ago

Whats even more funny is that there are people who need people to tell them how to exercise. lol

UDWR proposes fewer general season permits for 2020 deer - posted 1 day ago

Ya the population could be decreasing from CWD or predators OR could it be the fact that across the west on every mountaintop and rock outcropping there are 3 assholes with a GO-PROs, wearing flat brimmed hats, with rifles with 30X scopes, 6 spotting scopes, shooting at deer at 600-1500 yards, wounding two or three of them before finally getting in range and killing a deer?

YouTube is full of "HEROES" in Utah with little to no respect for their game animals. Wounding 1 for every 1 they kill.

Something to think about. And if you dont think that shit happens all across the west you need to pull your head out of the dirt...

With advancements in technology and weaponry hunters are more "efficient" than ever.

What happened to mule deer in Colorado and what does the future hold? - posted 4 days ago

Next time you draw that tag tell the boss you caught the corona virus and go fill it...

What happened to mule deer in Colorado and what does the future hold? - posted 4 days ago

Greg K.

Biologists need to know what is getting killed by hunters.

I agree with you, but without this they dont have one of the PRIMARY resources they need at their disposal.

What happened to mule deer in Colorado and what does the future hold? - posted 4 days ago

Also, the success rates that are being reported in Colorado for all big game is so far off the mark it isnt even funny. They said there was a 0% success rate for bulls in the unit I hunted last year. I know 100% for sure that there were 5 bulls killed in that unit with muzzleloaders.....thats just what I know about.

If they really want to get a handle on what is getting killed they need to figure out a way to do mandatory reporting. Its the only way.

As hunters, we are the ultimate predators. And we are the only way to truly know what does and what doesn't get killed.

They should implement a law that says that if you dont report, you dont get apply.

Meaning that if you dont report your kill within 4 days that you dont get to apply next year. If you dont report and it is found that you did harvest an animal, you dont get to apply for 5 years.

They need to get a handle on what is actually getting killed in their state.

It would be very easy for them to set up an app to report harvests. Georgia does this. It is simple and fast and can be done from a smart phone EASILY. Why isn't this being done in Colorado?!

Simple folks.....its all about the money. I.E. selling tags. If you dont think this is true you have your head buried in the sand.