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Colorado Big Game Unit 231 - posted 2 days ago

Crunch your numbers as much as you want but you are forgetting is that unit 24 is 5X bigger. Literally 5X bigger. In unit 24 you'll have room to get away from people.

In 231. You dont. And you wont. No matter how deep you go. Your going to run into groups that are brought in there by the outfitters.

By the peak of the rut most of the elk are driven out of there by archery hunters.

This is SOLID advice. Trust me.

November giveaway winners announced: 3 people won Browning rifles - posted 1 week ago

Congrats to the winners! Hopefully I'll get drawn one of these days. Until then, enjoy your new guns!

Wolves spotted in Western Washington - posted 1 month ago

“We’re very interested in the facts behind it—where are we seeing them, how can we document them, how we understand how they’re moving through the landscape?”

Pretty simple folks. They got hungry and they walked there. I suggest killing them for being naughty.

November INSIDER Giveaway: 3 Browning X-Bolt Pro Long Range Rifles - posted 1 month ago

Good luck to everyone!

2018 Colorado bighorn sheep hunt - posted 1 month ago

Maybe that will reduce some of the pressure for OTC archery Elk?! Are we chasing ourselves in circles yet.

Population control of humans is what we really need....