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Washington governor wants fewer wolves killed - posted 1 week ago

People will say anything to get re-elected. I love it.

October INSIDER giveaway - 5 Leupold Riflescopes - posted 1 week ago

Love how there are MULTIPLE prizes each month. My favorite part of being a member for sure.

Have not won yet but I appreciate the opportunity!

How to purchase Wyoming preference points - posted 1 week ago

Seth D- No it is not worth your time. I gave up on mine 5 years ago and I had 5 points. The odds are really bad on drawing a tag ad people getting in on the ground floor are doomed.

Colorado seeking information on elk poachers - posted 1 week ago

Taking a look at the income from non-resident hunters, If anyone is being generous, its non-resident hunters who are the ones being generous and buying the overpriced tags.

If I and everyone else kept our money year after year and never hunted your state again, your local economy's would be careful what you wish for.

Is bowhunting as difficult as we think it is? - posted 1 week ago

Erik M.

Get your daughter enrolled in the archery program at school if they have one. That has gotten my daughter a lot further than I could because Im too serious during training and they make it fun for them. lol