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A photo essay on the work and creative side of building a custom pedestal mount - posted 2 days ago

Nice work! They look good but in my opinion take up too much room in a house. I have one and I wish I had never done it that way.

Roadkill migration study underway in Idaho - posted 5 days ago

Condemn the property. Build the crossings over major roads. Not only will it save millions in insurance claims but
I wouldn't be surprised if they could get the insurance agencies to pay for some of it if it proves to reduce their collision costs.

Its a win for the animals, a win for the insurance companies and most of those major crossings that are build would be within the road ROW anyhow.

If we want to preserve animals in the future and reduce animal/vehicle collisions then we need to do something about it in the migration corridors.

Trail Kreitzer’s 2019 Nevada early season archery antelope hunting gear list - posted 6 days ago

Nice article! Good luck this season to all of you.

Is FWS shutting down Wyoming’s supplemental elk feeding program? - posted 6 days ago

We have a people problem in this country and in the world for that matter.

My recommendation to the world and for the "animal problems" is condoms for all humans and a limit of one child per married couple.

Its pretty sad because the animals have no control over anything.

How to pull off an out-of-state backpack hunt on a budget - posted 1 week ago

I love how it is all portrayed as a value. lol

Only $100-200/month and 10 days of PTO.

Let me know how that works out for you with your wives.

Its doable for most people every few years while this economy holds. When gas goes up to $4.00/gallon a lot of people will give it up.