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SD makes changes to how funds are used for bighorn sheep auction tag - posted 1 week ago


Nothing surprises me these days.

Montana guide loses hunting privileges for life - posted 1 week ago

Its about time.

They should make his picture public so people can recognize him when they see him out trying to hunt illegally in the future.

Wyoming passes on state sanctioned grizzly hunt - posted 3 weeks ago

Issue the licenses and if someone wants to take the rick of getting pinched by the feds then let them.

Look at it this way..

Colorado lets anyone smoke pot with no repercussions. Its federally ILLEGAL. People are still doing it because its legal on a state level.

Is this not the same? I dont see Federal agents busting peoples doors down raiding their houses.

Legalize the hunt on a state level. And let the hunters decide if its worth it.

Think about it people.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Native American elk hunter hunting out of season - posted 3 weeks ago

Bighorn National Forest hunting in Wyoming is going to be a thing of the past. The DOW will have no choice but to cut the tags to account for the tribes over-harvest of the local wildlife as the crows have no idea about wildlife management. The Crow's have killed almost all of the wildlife in their area and will continue to over-harvest wildlife in this "New found" "Occupied Area" That how this whole mess got started. They cannot find elk and deer where they live because they have literally wiped them all out.

I propose that if they want to follow the treaty then they should at least be help accountable to using the weapons of the period of which the treat was made..

Hand made bows and arrows only.

Arguing that they can use spotlights, hovercrafts and long range rifles seems like a bit of a stretch to uphold their "Traditional rights and methods".

All one has to do in Alaska is to see how the "Natives" are killing off the Caribou. Zapping them in the heads by the dozen with .22's as they chase them down in powerboats when they cross the rivers. Is not very "Traditional". Its actually a disgrace.

I understand that there is a treaty in place, believe me I do, but somewhere the line needs to be drawn for the sake of wildlife. There has got to be common ground.

Utah to cull urban deer - posted 4 weeks ago

I at least hope they are donating the meat and not tossing them in a landfill.