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New mule deer plan approved in Utah - posted 8 hours ago

NICE! I like the preference point changes!

Winners Of Browning X-Bolt Pro Rifles In 6.5 PRC Announced! - posted 8 hours ago

Congrats to the Winners!

There must be a lot more members from Texas than anywhere else. Seems like there are always winners from Texas.

@ Brady - Is there any way we know what our odds are for winning these prizes? Is there 50,000 members or what are the odds. Just curious.

Pennsylvania men acquitted of most charges after attacking game warden - posted 4 days ago

Well....that certainly "escalated quickly"

Montana FWP seeks tips after bull elk poached - posted 1 week ago

FWP needs to up the reward or instead of offering money offer hard to draw tags. This will entice people to rat on almost anyone.

I have seen other states do this and it appears to work well.

What is your effective bowhunting range? - posted 1 week ago

40 yards. Too much can happen that is out of your control past that distance....