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October INSIDER giveaway - 5 Leupold Riflescopes - posted 1 week ago

You guys just need to learn how to use the site.

Leupold riflescope winners announced! - posted 2 weeks ago

Ah congrats to those that won!

Wolves kill eight llamas in Montana - posted 2 weeks ago

I have heard of both coyotes and domestic dogs killing entire flocks of sheep in a night. Wolves aren't really any different.

Grand Teton moves forward with mountain goat removal - posted 3 weeks ago


90% all North American conservation dollars is generated by Hunters and Fishermen. Secondary expenses by hunters bring incredible financial incentives to rural communities that would not normally be available. Through the sale of; hotel rooms, gasoline, meals in diners, groceries and outdoor equipment sales.

Hunting is in our DNA, we have forward facing eyes, and big brains for a reason. Hunting rejuvenates us, it gives us balance in our 9-5 lives of shopping malls, daycare drop offs, and paying off worthless college educations.

It is our role as hunters that puts value on wildlife and ensures that wildlife will have a place in the future. Have you ever been to Africa? Wildlife doesn't exist in most of Africa outside of the national parks, national refuge systems and game preserves. Because to an African starving on $10 per month, wildlife is nyama. Nyama is common African word in many different African languages that means meat. Even in places like Tanzania where wildlife has no value beyond meat, there isn't any wildlife.

Would you rather have an entire North American continent of shopping malls and cattle feed lots? That is what you will have if wildlife has no value.

Does outdoor recreation impact wildlife? - posted 1 month ago

The Sammi are also white Europeans. Just a ethnically diverse group from those in the other two groups of people (Finns and Norwegians/Swedes) in the rest of Scandinavia.

I have a German Jagdschein (hunting license). Most of the population of brown bears in central Europe is in Switzerland or Sud Tyrol (Northern Italy). Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria have a ton of bears as does Scandavia and there are some in Spain.

The idea that predatory species are not tolerated is not quite right. I know of a pechter (the actual term for wildlife manager is not jagermeister as many believe) in Finland that killed himself after it was found out he killed a wolf. The non-hunting public is nuts over wolves, and welcomes them back from Eastern Europe into Western Europe just as much as the non-hunting public in America thinks it is a good idea to have wolves everywhere in the Western USA.