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Bighorn skull and horn recovery legal in Montana - posted 1 week ago

Here in New Mexico that would be illegal. It is meant to curb poaching. As a poacher can boil or rot a skull clean and display it.

I am not sure how I feel about it.

I was in Yellowstone one spring and I found a big moose skull that was starting to recede from the ice. It had been a winter kill. I threw it in a lake, I figured if it wasn't legal for me to have it, no else needed to have it either. It is or was illegal at the time to remove anything from a national park. I reckon I will continue to do this until they change the law.

Lyme Disease: My story on diagnosing and managing this disease - posted 1 month ago

I have lived with the European variant of Lyme Disease since 2006. We treated it immediately after I was bit. That was all the world of difference. I never got sick like most of the friends of mine did, and you did. I still test positive for the disease, I don't know what the future will be like, and honestly it isn't something I think about much. I know many people who live with the disease, and in Europe it is just considered to be part of being an outdoorsman.

Hope you are able to keep on top of it.

Hunting spot ethics - posted 1 month ago

Public land is just that, owned by everyone. So finding another hunter in your area is always a possibility.

My uncle used to share our family elk camp with oilfield execs and managers he was courting the business of when I was a kid. They were all from out of state, and eventually they brought friends who brought friends, who brought friends and we quit camping and hunting in that area. It was no longer "our family's " heritage elk camp.

I used to be mad about it, but now I realize that everyone of us owns it. Even that place was public land.

So we moved to a new camp, and eventually it got over ran with other people who would bring their campers up in September and hunt both seasons.

I have gotten to the point where I don't even tell people what outfitter I use, as I don't want them to get too popular and raise prices or cheapen quality.

If you want good hunting lands, take a loan out for an Ag loan and buy as much land as you can and build it up for wildlife and don't allow anyone to hunt anything, and you will have a great spot.

Montana bill to make bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat once in a lifetime licenses - posted 2 months ago

@ Jim K.

I served in the Navy about 22 years ago with a kid from Missouri that had killed a bighorn sheep in Wyoming without drawing a tag. He had a school mate or cousin or something that had drawn a tag, and the two fathers decided that the tag would be filled no matter what. So (going from memory here) they get a few days into the hunt, and kill a big ram. Except it wasn't the kid that drew the tag, it was his friend (my airman recruit) that shot it. The kid had killed exactly one animal in his entire life, and it was this bighorn sheep, as a non-resident party hunted, and totally illegal.

The fury of not eating tag soup is pretty rough on an out of state bighorn tag.

I think the as you said, premier species tags get filled, but it is common place for the tag to not be filled by the hunter legally holding the license.

For me it is grey area poaching. Party hunting is legal in many non-western states.

It would also be a tough call for a game warden to want to make. You have a under age minor who poached a ram, or the father of a under age minor who shot it for them. Either way the kid is going to be tainted as a hunter, and probably never hunt again.

So knocking kids out of the pool, eliminates the chances that it can happen.

No one wants to eat tag soup on a sheep.

Montana bill to make bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat once in a lifetime licenses - posted 2 months ago

I grew up in Wyoming and Montana. We were lower middle class, and I don't remember a single year where we had the money for Dad and I to apply for anything beyond antelope, elk and deer were bought over the counter.

Here in 2019, I am 44, and I have a 7 year old warrior princess who is aching to hunt. I have a skosh more money than my parents did in 1991, but it is a major expense to fund non-resident tags for your kid. Next year we will be applying for all species in New Mexico as residents. That in itself is $1200.

Then you have the problem of someone who draws a tag being able to physically get into the area and take the animal. Or have the finances to be outfitted.

How often does a minor draw a tag and not even do the hunt?

it might seem like this is a dig at hunter recruitment, but they should have published the data of how many tags they gave out to under 18 year olds and how many of those under 18 year olds actually hunted.