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A photo essay on the work and creative side of building a custom pedestal mount - posted 3 months ago

Always look better when it has meaning! Very nice piece! Those bucks probably need a follow-up article on what was similar in the hunt to be successful and what was similar that caused problems.

How to pull off an out-of-state backpack hunt on a budget - posted 3 months ago

wow, such a controversial article who would have thought. seems pretty accurate in total. doing a 5 day backpack muzzy deer hunt in Nevada with my son and for two of us ( Honey stingers waffles $19.80 + Justin's butter stuff $18.79 + Mountain 20% off free shipping $83.89+ $240 non res deer+ kuiu game bags $61.55 + Misc groceries (bagel thins, cheese, nuts, bacon, coffee instant, batteries AA) $67.82 + havalon blades $15 + Gas $200 (AZ-Cental Nevada) $706.85) no processing (self) no taxidermy and that is a five days for two of us now it would be only more food for more days. but you figure I could go 10 days on that myself and add in $400 more for an elk tag in CO and I get $1,106.85

B&C finds big game populations healthy and thriving - posted 4 months ago

The better sample size the better the results, as long as they are hitting a confidence level of .5 you could draw concussions. Also an animal doesn’t have to make book to be measured/scored etc. animals do have to have optimal conditions to make BC book. Arizona has has optimal conditions this year and I bet this year AZ will see a huge uptick in entires, seems like a correlation to me. Yes a lot of people get their rack scored to boost there ego and that’s why more non ego seek people need to have their racks scored. The large number of years and large number of racks the BC has is enough data to draw directional in general conclusion from.

B&C finds big game populations healthy and thriving - posted 4 months ago

it's not all about the score but having you racks measured provide valuable scientific data, so do it when you can.

The selfish hunter - posted 4 months ago

Great article, it's a tough thing to balance for sure. Father of three kids and wife that doesn't hunt it always a balancing act. Hunting is in me every day every minute, it's very consuming. Maybe it's my age and the midlife crisis at 44 wondering if I will still be able to do it 10 years. My son loves to hunt but he loves the small game and fishing the most. I have had to adapt to doing these hunts more than the big game rugged backcountry hunts that I like but I do like to expose him to as many different styles of hunting and different types of hunts. I have noticed that selfish trait in myself of wanting to go on my hunts and harvest the buck but I am practicing and trying to be less selfish in my hunting endeavors. We all get wrapped up on success as defined by harvest and grip and grins phots or at least I do. A work in progress I am.