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Hunters still angry over IDFG’s killing of 206 elk last summer - posted 3 weeks ago

So 108 elk ate $1M dollars in corn at $3.50 a bushel 285K bushels at 70lbs a bushel = 20 Million pounds of corn or 185,000 pounds of corn for each elk or 506 pounds of corn per elk per day. Those better be some fat elk. Sounds magic valley ranch took IDFG for about $800K.

ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

I'm a nonresident for Wyoming. I have hunted Wyoming three times. Most of the residents are super helpful and very nice. I have had one run-in with a grumpy landowner, overall a very non-resident friendly state. The game and fish is one of the best and always courteous and incredibly helpful.

Now residents should always have better draw odds then non-residents IMO.
I would say the amount of resident OTC general elk tags and deer tags do just that for those species but when you look at the limited hunts there seems to be where the problem is.

Limited hunts are plagued by point creep and in some cases, non-residents do have better draw odds. They should address certain species and the LQ hunts not all of them IMO.

However, the changes in holding money, price increases, and available tags will change my behaviour and Wyoming will be off my list for ELK and Deer once I burn those points. Antelope ill probably keep trying but Montana is looking better.

2020 Western Big Game Hunting Application Deadlines - posted 2 months ago

ETA on AZ (Elk and Antelope) draw strategies?

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2020: Wyoming Elk - posted 2 months ago

Hello, when will the Arizona strategy article come out?

A photo essay on the work and creative side of building a custom pedestal mount - posted 7 months ago

Always look better when it has meaning! Very nice piece! Those bucks probably need a follow-up article on what was similar in the hunt to be successful and what was similar that caused problems.