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Colorado voters may get to decide on wolf recovery - posted 7 months ago

I think we should also reintroduce malaria to the areas of the USA where it was once prevalent and a naturally occurring entity. It was a naturally existing species that we now need in order to return to our pre-settled habitat. We simply must get all those wild places back to Status quo...Please add that to the ballot too...

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Arizona Elk - posted 9 months ago

Just FYI for all reading this....The AZ G&F server usually has issues EVERY YEAR a day or so before leading up to the deadline due to everyone trying to get their license at the last minute. Just keep this in mind for future planning.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Arizona Elk - posted 9 months ago

What is the deadline to make changes to my application and how do I do that? I need to change a couple of hunts for my kids' app...

Timberland Outfitters - posted 1 year ago

I’ve hunted with Lance and crew. Absolutely outstanding experience in every way. He has the highest integrity and will be 100% honest with you at all times. His hunting skill is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met, especially for elk. He hunts all species in AZ and has his areas that he knows better than anyone. He’ll work his tail off to get you an opportunity. He has my highest recommendation! Plus, he’s very reasonable with his prices.

2018 Colorado leftover hunting tag list - posted 1 year ago

When public electronic demand exceeds CPW electronic supply to the point that it takes "50 min to login" as Justin t. and many others have stated, than it is a functional (if not absolute) server crash. It's a joke and, although CPW doesn't care, it should be embarrassing to them. I guess several tens of thousands of us have bad computers and crappy internet access....

The problem is that there are a handful of truly premium tags available and a large number of people are vying for them. Lots of us don't want those premium tags but do want a couple tags that would be easy to get if we could actually get on the site in a reasonable timeframe, a couple minutes or something. However, by the time we can get on the site all but the most obscure tags are gone.

Any tags left after 45 min are either female tags, obscure units, private land tags, or for some reason are much less in demand. Trust me, I've been at this long enough to know how the leftover disaster works.