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Rancher guilty of importing exotic sheep to Colorado for hunting - posted 1 month ago

I feel like he should lose his operation for what he did. Idiots like this can't be given a second chance.

Wyoming passes on state sanctioned grizzly hunt - posted 3 months ago

@Colter I. You need to provide proof to back such a comment

Three grizzly bears euthanized in Wyoming - posted 10 months ago

Come on guys, quit with the bickering. Take that nonsense to facebook.

Why hunters don’t share their secret spots - posted 1 year ago

I have stopped posting any sort of grip and grin on social media because of my fellow hunters and anglers. People will stop hunting the animals and start hunting for your hunting spots. Funny thing is, the best spot in the world is worthless if you don't know how to hunt it.

Colorado Big Game Unit 47 - posted 1 year ago

So for my second choice for the early rifle season I have 100% draw odds, but then in the description it says I need preference points to draw. This doesn't seem right. Am I missing something?