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A Near Miss - posted 5 months ago

keep hunting with the stick it will take you to new heights! I loved this story and wish more of them were like this.

THE OFFSEASON — Episode 3 - posted 2 years ago

I'm guessing that crown royal in the background gets the ideas flowing in that office :)

MT hunter fined $32,000 for illegal take of two bighorns - posted 2 years ago

We need a system in place that rewards honesty and integrity not encourages us to steer away from it. After reading this story I doubt many other people will turn themselves in now. He should not have been fined, and I the suspension of license i think is just for a short period of time like mentioned. I would be willing to bet that we won't be seeing anyone take the same action he did after throwing the book at him.

Wyoming Elk Unit 78 - posted 2 years ago

Hi Lyle,

I was curious if you attempted to hunt any of the Teton National forest land on the west side of the unit. It appears to have some limited access off highway 22. Im contemplating putting in for this unit but would be hunting the rut during archery season and look to hike in the national forest land before the rifle season starts.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2016: Wyoming Elk - posted 3 years ago

very helpful article, thanks you guys!