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INSIDER Rebuild Now Live For 2019! - posted 5 months ago

I was about to post something just like the last post. That level of customization and interactivity would be epic. I could then get rid of my Google sheet with all my ID#'s and points. I'd just refer to GoHunt. Plus, I think that would also make the site super sticky.

Colorado Big Game Unit 21 - posted 7 months ago

Just an FYI. I didn't draw a muzzleloader Mule Deer tag with 8 PP in 2018. I think the impact of the new draw process factored in.

Arizona Big Game Unit 3B - posted 1 year ago

Scouted and saw excellent calf recruitment. Every cow seemed to have a calf in tow. Very dry. Did see a bear cruising known calving areas. Seems like too much access.

Arizona Big Game Unit 3B - posted 1 year ago

My son drew the 11/16-11/22 muzzy tag. Anyone know where I can find how many tags were made available for this elk season? Will it be similar to the later season with 200 tags?

Montana Big Game Unit 422 - posted 1 year ago

There was a fire in there last year.