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Getting "down" with insulation - posted 2 months ago

My go-to insulation for the last 3 years has been the Arcteryx atom lt. It always served me well but was always bordering on not warm enough for inactive periods in temps around freezing. I picked up the SG Grumman this Xmas and it definitely hits that niche for extra warmth on inactive long sits. It does feel a bit more "stuffy" than the arcteryx, and I definitely have to take it off more often to cool off when I do start moving. I had thought I would ditch the Arcteryx after picking up the SG Grumman, but now that I have both I think both have their place in your closet and wouldn't discredit either. If you want a "do-it-all" piece, then honestly something like the Arc'teryx Atom AR might check the most boxes, but if you can afford two pieces, a mid-wight synthetic and heavy superlight puffy can't be beat in my opinion. Great article!

The stoveless backcountry hunting food list - 2.0 - posted 1 year ago

Great article Brady, I've been messing around with cold-soaking things like couscous and Knorr Pasta sides, but not having to waste a ton of water on dinner sounds great.

Have you played with any coffee options? Seems like some cold-brewed coffee, or maybe some starbucks via added to the protein shake would be awesome.