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Ross K.

5 people just won a full set of First Lite clothing - posted 2 years ago

When will the April Giveaway winners be announced?

Ross K.

Colorado Big Game Unit 3 - posted 2 years ago

@Jason F.

Do not trust the brochure, it was severely misprinted this year due to the reissue list last year. Whoever edited the brochure did not do a good job. No deer tag in any of the NW units will be available 2nd choice, most will cost a non resident points.

Ross K.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2017: Colorado Deer - posted 2 years ago

It should be noted that the CPW claims those units in the a north Park such as 16, 17, 161, 171, 6, and 7 have inflated buck/doe ratios because deer from other units migrate to the same wintering grounds...

Ross K.

Colorado Big Game Unit 49 - posted 2 years ago

If you are a non resident who plans to hunt 500 or 501, I'll inform you that for elk they are not units where elk are easy to find. It is very difficult hunting those units on public land or without an outfitter.

Ross K.

Customer Support & Logistics Coordinator job opportunity with - posted 2 years ago

I would gladly become part of the team if the pay is enough to get me to leave the current job I have now.