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BETWEEN BASINS - A Highcountry Mule Deer Bowhunt - posted 1 year ago

Great clip, captured the feel of a hunt very well. I especially like the camaraderie with the other hunters; sharing info and appreciating that we're all out here chasing the same experience. Well done.

Three bear recipes you can't resist - posted 1 year ago

Great article, bear meet is fantastic, when you get a good one...Last night I made grilled sandwiches with braised bear: goat cheese and a fig balsamic reduction with field greens and pickled beets. I know what you're thinking, but it was excellent-don't fear bear-eat it. If you like a recipe with "conventional" meats then you can do it with wild game.

Game Bag Abuse — The goHUNT Stress Test - posted 1 year ago

OK, stress test, I get it, but you couldn't put a ham or two from the grocery store in them and drag them through the brush or at least the parking lot? I've NEVER needed to do a pull up with game bags but I have dragged them on the ground and through dense brush. Just a thought...otherwise great content. I'm still waiting on the bone saw test. Efficiency, weight, stroke count, blade life, etc.

Building the ultimate hunting kill kit - posted 1 year ago

I always pack a left hand cutting glove. I'm right handed so I use the left to protect from cuts and added grip, no need for two.

The switch to traditional archery - posted 1 year ago