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Colorado changes license program for elk - posted 1 month ago

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Colorado changes license program for elk - posted 1 month ago

I completely understand residents of Colorado wanting to reduce the NR hunting pressure. As a non res myself I wouldn't blame them one bit if they went 100% draw for elk. It would reduce pressure, ease point creep for some mid tier units and CPW would have a better handle on elk harvest and high pressured areas.

Having hunted in the San Juans several times there's no doubt in my mind that bear are the biggest problem with calf survival. I'm sure lions and yotes are an issue too but I've never seen so many bear in my life. Averaged 3 bear per day for 7-8 days of hunting around Lone Cone last year. If they really want to help the elk then first and foremost is better predator control then a reduction in ALL tags, not just archery.

Colorado changes license program for elk - posted 1 month ago

CPW is NOT stupid. They made money hand over fist last year with the new qualifying license system(Everyone who APPLIES for a hunt must buy a $91.75 hunting license/habitat stamp now). They will know how many applied for each unit before they set the quota. I'd be willing to bet they come up with most if not all tags for everyone who applied. Colorado will be a full draw state in the next several years. What ticks me off is CPW said it's because of a decrease in elk numbers........yet 2nd and 3rd season rifle are still OTC? Archery hunters kill a small fraction of what 2nd and 3rd season rifle hunters will kill.

Grand Teton’s mountain goat cull is underway - posted 2 months ago

Absolute stupid waste of money. Many tags could've been sold and raised cash to help transplant the goats that did not get harvested. Then maybe proceed with the eradication process.

Funny an animal that WALKED into the park is considered invasive but we can transplant wolves hundreds or thousands of miles and that's natural.