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Proposed wildfire breaks detrimental to wildlife and habitat - posted 3 months ago

I think this is a good idea myself,,log what can be logged in the way and that could help off set the cost a little..i don't think it will effect the animals that much,,in fact it should create some food sources in areas where the timber was too thick anyway.

2019 Oregon leftover hunting tag list - posted 3 months ago

these are all pretty low blow units/hunts,,,guess you could consider it a nature hike with luck

Proposed Oregon laws too lax for killing elk damaging farm land - posted 6 months ago

this bill is not needed,,why dont the farmers let the hunters hunt?all i ever see is no trespassing,no hunting signs!!!oregon has a emergency hunt program but they never seem to utilize it??ive been on the list several times and never have been called...gave up even putting my name on the list now.dont even know if they still have the emergency hunt program going??where are all these "soaring"elk numbers at?I certainly dont see elk soaring around here?

Nevada Big Game Unit 032 - posted 1 year ago

last year I seen some deer on the private pivots at base of bishop canyon,,,overall didn't see much for deer all over the unit when I was scouting for sheep,,even up in pine forest,,,,i wouldn't be starting any fires,,,im sure its as dry as a popcorn fart.

Nevada Big Game Unit 032 - posted 1 year ago

got my sheep on a place called "the mesa" south of cherry creek