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A look into the health benefits of venison - posted 3 months ago

I think it is a combo of things that makes wild game of all kinds such a rewarding, healthy source of food -- knowing where it came from, it was obtained through your own doing and hard work, and being healthy is icing on the cake.

My continued goals are always trying to learn new ways to prepare wild game, butchering methods and using more of the "interesting" parts (heart, bones, etc.) as well as sharing it as much as possible with non-hunters.

Gear Review: Binocular harness comparison - posted 1 year ago

One other feature to note on the MYSTERY RANCH Bino Harness is the MOLLE webbing on the bottom -- this is where you can attach either the MR Bear Spray holster or handgun holster. It is great to have your binos, range finder, wind checker, a few diaphragm calls and either spray or a handgun on you at all times, especially when you drop your pack for a stalk or when calling in elk in bear country.