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Are wolves a solution to CWD? — some wolf advocates think so - posted 7 months ago

Colorado's 2020-2026 new hunting season dates... how will they impact you? - posted 7 months ago

I hear a lot of archery hunters complain about getting the shaft while rifle and muzzleloader hunts are happening. I completely understand the complaint and as long as these hunts run together you'll get the shaft. I hunt archery about every other year depending on tags and work but here is my complaint... For early rifle deer tags I think those hunts should come first because they generally take the most points to get and should be considered a premier tag, pretty stupid to burn 10+ points only to compete with all the other hunters in the woods. Most of the time those hunts have to compete with Archery hunters AND Muzzleloader hunters. I think they need to divide these seasons into three parts so none of them have to compete with the other, an overlapping weekend is fine. Early rifle tags should go first in my opinion due to the amount of years put in to getting those tags. Archery (which are generally easier to draw tags) should come second. Most of the early rifle hunts will not disturb the deer or elk for the Archery hunts. Then let the crazed Muzzleloader hunters at it, muzzleloader in my opinion messes up most of the mountain for us archery and early rifle guys:). I definitely don't agree with 3rd season being so late. Our deer herds are up and down and pushing that season further into the rut will only kill off many of those better bucks. Then to cut back the days people can hunt??? What the hell!! Clearly as stated earlier it's not about the hunter or even the animals it's about the dollar...

Will Colorado voters get to decide on wolves? - posted 7 months ago

Yeah we might get a chance to vote it down.. but like all the other shit we have voted down our left leaning queer governor will no doubt make it happen against our will! Justin Z. had a great point in regards to the consequences of revenue for the state. We have no need for the wolves so why bring them here????????

Could there be a wolf reintroduction initiative on the Colorado ballot? - posted 10 months ago

... WHY!!!??? Can these nut jobs go live with the wolves first and see how that turns out??? We already have enough issues with the Lions and Bears we don't need more predators!

Colorado cracks down on illegal shed hunting - posted 11 months ago

Bunch of BS! Are they just going to shut down the PUBLIC lands to all activities to protect the animals? Why is it they are only targeting the hunting community?? If there are people actually harassing the animals then do the job you are paid to do and catch them. Instead you do a blanket law to punish everyone. This is so ridiculous, I can take my dog out into the woods and as long as I don't pick up sheds no big deal, but if I pick up a shed I'm now harassing the animals. What a freaking joke! One more way to collect money I guess. I went on a hike last year with my wife in April. We were not shed hunting but when we came back to our vehicle wildlife officers were there and they questioned us and treated us like we were criminals all for enjoying PUBLIC lands! This is pure over reach on behalf of this government agency.