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A first for everything - posted 1 year ago

Great write up!

Nevada Big Game Unit 114 - posted 1 year ago

@ grant H - how did your hunt go? I drew this unit for Archery in Aug any tips that you can share?

Nevada Big Game Unit 241 - posted 1 year ago

I'm thinking about applying for this unit for early archery has anyone hunted this unit recently? Are there water holes to be found on public in this unit?

Garmin inReach Explorer+ Satellite Communicator Review - posted 1 year ago

that's a bummer about the Onx maps support. I thought that it would since other Garmin devices do. This was on my wish list, but I'm gonna wait until they fix that part!

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2018: Colorado Elk and Antelope - posted 1 year ago

got it. I thought because they didn't charge me the $40 for each species at time of checkout I was free and clear :) I went back and purchased a small game license.