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Wild horse hunt sparks outrage - posted 2 weeks ago

@Jon T. Yep, I had some in France years ago when I took a trip over there during college, it was was (is still?) considered a delicacy in much of Europe...

Colorado doesn’t want wolves - posted 3 weeks ago

@Chris S., BUT, small sample surveys can also be extremely misleading and/or flat out wrong, depending on how much effort and thought is put into collecting the samples. A prime example would be the 2016 presidential election, where Trump had no chance per numerous small sample studies. @Larry, there is absolutely no way 70-75% of Coloradans "want" wolves here, more likely "want wolves or have no opinion on wolves"

Colorado debates raising hunting and fishing license fees - posted 5 months ago

If they cut the "Parks" out and went back to just "Wildlife" the problem wouldn't be so big. But yes, they are years behind on license fee increases as well...