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Colorado's 2020-2026 new hunting season dates... how will they impact you? - posted 6 days ago

Not sure what everyone is complaining about, the changes are mostly good except for early archery deer. If you'd been paying attention you'd know that this was by far the best option on the table...

Lyme Disease: My story on diagnosing and managing this disease - posted 2 months ago clarify, you said you picked out a tick, but what part of the country?

Lyme Disease: My story on diagnosing and managing this disease - posted 2 months ago

Wow, brutal, thanks for sharing your story Justin. Keep your head up man! Do you have any idea of where you may have picked up the disease?

Could there be a wolf reintroduction initiative on the Colorado ballot? - posted 2 months ago

Cactus, your nostalgic view of 'what could be' is quaint, but unfortunately we are two centuries removed from the period of westward expansion and exploration, and in Colorado a forced reintroduction of wolves would be a complete political disaster at this point. The groups trying to supporting reintroduction are not biologists or scientists, but activists and socialites who want to hear wolves howling at the moon from the decks of their vacation homes in Aspen. CPW and various other actual experts have CLEARLY stated their position to manage naturally occurring repopulation from the north and that they don't support other reintroduction efforts. The wolves will be here sooner or later, why not let them come on their own and see what happens? Why does there have to be a stupid power play by the HSUS and other groups to make it happen? It's interesting how these groups only recognize real science and management plans when it's convenient for them, i.e. their failed effort to introduce Mexican gray wolves that never existed here! Also, if Cactus, if you're going to name drop Lewis and Clark, you need to acknowledge that vast parts of the Rocky Mountains were almost devoid of game and their hunting successes took place mostly outside of the mountains-the 'teeming herds' you describe occurred on the plains and simply do not exist anymore. In 'providing some balance' to this thread you've successfully dropped every easily-Googled talking point the wolf reintroduction groups like to use at meeting but ignored the actual, real plan set forth by actual, real experts, how typical...

Colorado discusses possibility of wolf reintroduction - posted 4 months ago

"I realize Colorado isn't Wyoming politically"

This is the key issue, PERIOD. If you think wolves caused turmoil and drama in the other Rocky Mountain states, wait til they get introduced here in CO...