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Index vs. thumb releases for bowhunting - posted 4 months ago

One added con to the thumb button- they are often designed to fit comfortably in a bare hand, with each finger sitting into it's own groove. This makes it difficult to wear thick gloves during cold weather most of the time. I end up keeping the release in my pocket and wearing just a thin glove on my release hand. I keep my hand in my pocket or in a muff to keep it warm.

Preparing for the worst: Late season safety gear to keep in your truck - posted 6 months ago

Regarding the Hilift- note that this is only usable on sold lift points on your truck such as steel bumpers, sliders or your receiver hitch. It'll crumple aluminum bumpers like paper. There is a lift strap attachment that you can run through the rim of the tire to lift.

I would add a snatch strap and a couple of shackles to yank out another stuck vehicle (or get pulled out yourself).

The advantages of taking supplements during the hunt - posted 10 months ago

There are some tried and true supplements that have been proven to work (BCAAs being one of them). My beef with companies like Wilderness Athlete and Mountain Ops is that a good number of the ingredients they use have little to no research to back them up. I have a PhD in biochemistry and couldn't get away with the types of claims they make with such little data, often just one or two sketchy publications based on mouse data or a very small number of people.

Lyme Disease: My story on diagnosing and managing this disease - posted 1 year ago

Woah, thanks for sharing and I hope you continue to recover.

What style of backcountry stove is right for you? - posted 1 year ago

Good comments. The way I read the USFS fire restrictions, cooking is restricted to petroleum fuel sources. "Pressurized or bottled liquid fuel stoves, lanterns, or heating devices are permitted".