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Washington governor wants fewer wolves killed - posted 1 month ago

I’m pretty much certain this will end up like his homeless problem solution.

Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 2 months ago

I too am a resident of an adjacent state to Idaho. I must admit that I am confused in regard to residents complaints of NR hunters crowding trail heads. It strikes me that it matters not 1% from where the hunters reside in the conversation. I fail to see what that has to to with harvest success. In fact if anything it probably skews it south, after all a resident had more
Opportunity to scout, learn and know the areas and hunt more frequently. Let’s be honest with ourselves about this. This like any other discussion of tag limits in all western state boils down to money. One can make the same argument about tags in regards to fishing as well. Do residents take offense to a parking lot full drift boat trailers with a variety of NR plates? It’s absolutely absurd the low barrier to entry that residents of Idaho pay for tags. 18$ for a deer tag? I’m sure most residents would gladly pay 3x that amount and not bat an eye.
I’ve not looked on the fish and game website but does anyone know what percentage of NR tags
Are even hunted?

Colorado's 2020-2026 new hunting season dates... how will they impact you? - posted 4 months ago

I meant to say ‘even years’ for ML and early rifle. My bad

Colorado's 2020-2026 new hunting season dates... how will they impact you? - posted 4 months ago

Colorado has always baffles me in regards to the multiple seasons, overlapping of weapons etc. I get it to a degree as Colorado has alpine to desert type of environments and a huge NR draw. I wonder if CWD has ever explored a rotation type of draw whereby archery tags are offered on odd years and muzzle loader/early deer tags offers on odd years but a guy could continue to gain points on the ‘off years’? I finally got tired of the state and burned my deer points at least this year. Sort of glad I did cuz this all makes my head hurt.

Washington approves blaze pink law - posted 6 months ago

I am really confused now. I fully support women in the sport I think it is awesome but what makes me crazy is how Inslee talks out of both sides of his mouth. Washington state spent millions of dollars getting all of its government pamphlets gender neutral. They substituted "first year student' for 'Freshman' in state college catalogs, took out words like "journeymen" and on and on. But now he feels like the color Pink will attract more women to the sport? Where is the neutrality Jay?