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Brent D.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2017: Wyoming Deer and Antelope - posted 2 weeks ago

This is a great article, so much information. Thanks for putting this all together, very, very helpful!

Brent D.

New study identifies safe fencing for wildlife - posted 3 weeks ago

Seems like a no brainer. What an easy fix to help out wildlife.

Brent D.

Alaska moose hunt goes from risk to reward in seconds - posted 3 weeks ago

Great story...trophy of a lifetime! Congrats!

Brent D.

Father and son convicted of poaching elk in Montana - $23,000 fine - posted 3 weeks ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Terryl might be single right now too after that. Sounds like 5-year penalties for each infraction....compounded if there was a previous incident?

Brent D.

Target panic: what to do & how to beat it - posted 3 weeks ago

I recently had exactly what your article started off talking about. My solution though was what I probably shouldn't have done...I put the bow down for about a month, I was so frustrated. I would shoot two shots good...then try to hard thinking how awesome it would be to get a group of three like that...and I get a flyer.

The day before yesterday I picked it up again...and shot it, and I was getting good groups again. I'm just trying to get it in my mind that it's fun...that I don't have to concentrate so much that it makes me shoot worse.

Good article. I'll be looking for one of those training strings, that looks like a great aide.