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Chris B.

Overview of Colorado's license fee changes for 2019 - posted 1 year ago

Great news for out-of-staters who want to throw in a bear tag.

Chris B.

Quiver options for any bowhunter - posted 1 year ago

I would love to try an option that removes my Mathews quiver from my Creed for good. I practice with it on the bow exclusively and do fine but I have always thought I shoot better without it on at all, particularly when making a single hunting shot after a long sit or stalk.

Chris B.

The advantages of salt pills for hunting - posted 1 year ago

This article really hits home for me. I sweat very heavily when climbing on early season hunts. Last month, in the Yolla Bolly Wilderness, I experienced the cramps you describe when packing in for a 8 day adventure with my son. I have always hydrated well because I know that I need more fluids than the average person. I had even purposely trained in high heat all summer in order to prepare for what I knew was going to be a tough hunt with a 20 year old partner.

I learned a couple of things on this trip. One is I will be dumping my filter. Filtered water removes the minerals and that doesn't work for me. Every electrolyte powder either has sugar or some sort of artificial sweetener, both of which are better avoided in my opinion. I have seen these pills on the shelf before and will have to try them out. They might be just what I need.

I have never experienced cramps like this, especially deep in the back-country with 60lbs on my back and no idea where the next water was towards our intended base camp. We turned back to the last water we crossed and made a wise decision to day hunt from from there rather than deeper.

Thanks for the article.

Chris B.

Michigan holds centennial elk hunt - posted 1 year ago

No hunters would have meant no elk in MI. Ever again.

Chris B.

Elk ravage Washington farm eating 100,000 lbs of berries - posted 1 year ago

Well, those elk will likely taste extra good for a hunter blessed enough to harvest one. ;-)