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Sean P.

October INSIDER giveaway: 10 Suunto Traverse Alpha watches - posted 3 years ago

Great giveaway! I was just looking to buy one. I will keep my fingers crossed and wait until the end of the month. Thanks for the opportunity!

Sean P.

Into Thin Air: Bowhunting mule deer at 12,000 ft. - posted 4 years ago

Great to see an amazing reality hunt on video that gives a "true" perspective on how tuff bow hunting really is. I will share this video with friends that don't hunt, so hopefully they can somewhat comprehend the highs (literally), the lows, and the overall mental and physical challenge of what "real" hunting is all about. I'll bet everyone that begins to watch this video is struggling not to fast forward to the kill shot and the dead deer. Thanks for sharing the video, and having the balls to do so!