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March INSIDER giveaway: 5 head-to-toe sets of First Lite - posted 2 years ago

I literally just sat down and priced out a head to toe first lite system this week on my computer so I could start putting it together as I got the money, come on big money no whammies!

inSIGHTS - The goHUNT Shop is now open for business - posted 3 years ago

Can we expect other Go Hunt apparel in addition to hats?

The colossal backlash of wild horses on wildlife - posted 3 years ago

Do the wild horses and burros have any value as food? I have had domestic horse before and it was really good, they say very healthy too. Could a hunting season be used as management tool, I mean taxpayers don't have to foot the bill and states could make money on tags, or wouldn't there be any interest in hunting them? We don't have near the numbers of wild horses in Montana so I'm just curious about the issue?

Proving that your mind is more powerful than your body - posted 4 years ago

Congradulations, I can't imagine it possible to shoot a better bull than that. Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you for being a hunter, we are lucky to have people like you representing the hunting comunity. Your pasion and dedication are what make hunting the incredible thing that it is!

The science behind the mule deer rut - posted 4 years ago

Wonderful article, thanks for the great info. Hitting an archery only unit in West Central Montana this weekend, seen lots of younger Muleys moving trhough the area the last two weeks but hopefully the big boys are on the move. Keep up the great work!