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Colorado moves forward with CWD response plan - posted 1 year ago

It is funny that Chris Jurney and Don Cook were both placed on this group. Both are heavily involved in Ranching for Wildlife and make their living off it! You would think the first place the CPW would start is by doing away with the Ranching for Wildlife program which promotes the gathering of large herds of wildlife which spreads the disease. I also think it needs to be looked at that it isn't a coincidence that where the disease is most common is the units that have several of the Ranching for wildlife ranches located within them. I think the CPW should start first by getting rid of the Ranching For Wildlife Program. I don't think it is a good idea to think that slaughtering the mature bucks in these units is going to solve anything!

Colorado Big Game Unit 1 - posted 1 year ago

Does anybody have any first hand experience with this unit?