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Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 1 week ago

Western resident hunters are a bunch of whiners.

Is FWS shutting down Wyoming’s supplemental elk feeding program? - posted 1 month ago

Cut the elk feed in half and increase the wolf and bear population 10-fold, while drastically increasing human development. Earth-in-justice wants to create the end of human hunting.

Proposed development in Colorado could harm bighorn sheep herds - posted 1 month ago

It's ok, don't have to worry about the development. The wolves that are being pushed into Colorado will kill off all the sheep, deer and elk so the tree hugging unaware greeners don't have to deal with the idea of humans hunting.

Nez Perce Tribe bighorn sheep not recognized as state record - posted 2 months ago

He must truly care about wildlife like herrara.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Native American elk hunter hunting out of season - posted 3 months ago

Yeah this indian cared so much about respecting wildlife, what a complete joke. Get the real details of the story. The guy was a criminal poaching scumbag, and a lot of out of season poaching had been committed in the area by the same people and getting reported by the "supposedly awful whiteman".

“I found a large bull elk that had been shot off the Pass Creek Road, and the only thing that had been taken was a little bit of backstraps and head had been removed,” he said. “I was getting pretty desperate. I mean, you know, the public entrusts a game warden to enforce the game laws.