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Single pin bow sights: Are they really better? - posted 4 years ago

I purchased the above mentioned trophy taker sight and guys it is awesome!!!! I've shot fixed pins for 20 plus years but switched to a single mover over this past offseason and loved the accuracy results for in between yardage settings however, the idea of having a bulging bull this fall that stays on the move after I set the yardage dial was a reoccurring nightmare that I kept having. Now I really feel I'm ready for that bull that temporarily stops at 62 yards without giving me Shot but then comes in to 30 yards and vice versa. By the way after talking to the folks at trophy taker I got mine with 6 pins "5 fixed and 1 mover" in the option 8 housing to allow me to have a full 100 yard setting for the mover but it cuts down the confusion with having a bunch of pins.