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Stefan W.

The backcountry hunting gear list breakdown - revisited for 2017 - posted 2 weeks ago

Brady, phenomenal breakdown. I really appreciate the detail here.

For anyone thinking this is too much weight, when you consider the fact that he is carrying a spotter, 15's and 10's in his pack, it makes sense that it would weigh that much when you factor everything else in. He also has everything you could need for a given scenario, which I would argue is super important. If he can carry the weight and be totally prepared, why not carry it?

Stefan W.

HOMESTEAD (Trailer) - posted 1 month ago

Oh man... That trailer gave me goosebumps. You guys are doing great work!

Stefan W.

Introduction to the traditional archery life - Part 1 - posted 3 months ago

Thanks Travis! Shooting a traditoinal bow has definitely made me a better hunter and I have heard countless people say the same. I am convinced every bow hunter should do it at some point as the growth you experience as a result is fantastic. Besides, it is also a lot of fun!

Stefan W.

The perfect beer cheese wild game burger recipe - posted 5 months ago

Justin, That is good advice. Let me know what you think of the burgers once you try them.

Robert, Glad you liked it! I am always trying new ideas with venison since that is predominantly what we eat. I will see what else I can come up with.

Stefan W.

The 30 minute turkey hunting technique - posted 5 months ago

Great article Sean! I have been on the fence about using decoys like this for bow hunting and your article is nudging me to pull the trigger. One question I thought of: Toms are notorious for being super aggressive with decoys. You mentioned staying safe with regard to other hunters, but what advice would you give to readers to stay safe when they are that close to an angry tom?