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Going in light and coming out heavy - posted 1 year ago

Hey guys thanks for the kind words. Dennis, first off I thought I had included the score in the article but apparently not...he taped out at 164 1/8" and was 28.5" wide. In answer to your questions:

-Did you physically train and condition your body for the backpacking and meat recovery? Yes, but not as smartly as I do now. I was more in to distance running back then, and now I spend more time hiking with a heavy pack to train.
-Do you have any secrets for preparing your brain for the perseverance required for these challenging endeavors? Not really, besides be as prepared as possible in every aspect you can think of.
-Did you remove the quarters without gutting the deer? Yes we did.
-After you deboned all the meat so off the bones how much edible meat did you recover? I weighed it and I believe it was around 65-70 pounds or so.
-How heavy do you estimate your packs were when you were coming out heavy? I would estimate 85-90+ for each of us with all our camp gear, meat, and the head/antlers/cape.
-How great did those tenderloins taste when you cooked and ate them in your mountain camp? I actually ended up eating them at home. I was fortunate to harvest him at first light, so we got back to camp, packed up and hiked out that same day because my friend had to work the next day.
-Did you butcher and package the meat yourself? I didn't, but I wish I had.
-Did you split the trophy meat with your hunting mentor? I offered him some meat, but he wouldn't take it. He said I 'deserved it.' In my eyes if anyone did, he did.
-Like me and my hunting/guiding friends up here in Alaska, when you have a freezer full of wild game meat does it make you feel like you have a bank account full of money? Indeed it does. I really like feeling as self-sufficient as possible.

Can you score? - Grand finale - posted 5 years ago

808 3/8

Can you score? - Week 3 - posted 5 years ago

107 7/8

Can you score? - Week 2 - posted 5 years ago

337 7/8

Can you score? - Week 1 - posted 5 years ago

198 5/8