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Publish your HUNT stories on goHUNT - posted 3 years ago

Do you have to be a insider to submit a story?

Female hunter becomes the hunted - posted 4 years ago

We hunt, thats what we do. And as long as its a legal and ethical hunt we should never be ashamed or feel threatend. Its easy to talk behind someone or over social media. Keep posting girls and every other hunter out there. Im behind you all

Are precision guided rifles smart technology? - posted 4 years ago

This is not hunting. Hunting is meant to be a special experience where predator and prey both work hard to outsmart the other. Te hunt should be a challenge. Not a video game. Technology has its places to advance. This is NOT one of them. Keep it pure and fair for the game you chase.

Arizona's prized hunting areas may close - posted 4 years ago

We as sportsmen cant let this happen. The strip is legendary for monster muleys. I would love to hunt here one day. Not to mention think of the non residents apps that wont be submitted. Wildlife will suffer from lack of funding

Every hunter’s dream season - posted 4 years ago

Congrats to colton. Im considering coming out to AZ for the late archery deer season for coues. Any idea where to start? Helpful hints?