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2019 Arizona fall leftover hunting permit list - posted 1 month ago

caleb w. I would look at GoHunt's article on the nonpermit tags in Arizona. It can be found somewhere in the Insider Strategy section, but probably quite a few pages back from previous years.

Wyoming Big Game Deer Unit 122 - posted 1 year ago

@ Nate R.
Nothing changed with the unit, WGF said they had wanted to include "difficult public access for awhile, being how mule deer are so sparse on the public land there.

Utah bowhunter attacked by mountain lion - posted 1 year ago

Dick N. Shame on you for your improper and excessive use of commas.

Over 7,000 apply for Wyoming grizzly bear hunt - posted 1 year ago

No Jane Goodall would be taking money away from conservation because I'm assuming she would not pay the 6,000$ tag fee that anyone else who drew would end up paying after they were successful in the draw. But to piggy back on what you said, the same thing happened in California after they banned lion hunting. The current yearly mortality rate from depredation permits exceeds hunt mortality from that last few years before the ban, so like you said no lives even saved.

Over 7,000 apply for Wyoming grizzly bear hunt - posted 1 year ago

Correction Jane Goodall is not a legendary "conservationist". Conservationists believe in sustainable use ie hunting. She is an Environmental activist.