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Wyoming Big Game Deer Unit 122 - posted 3 months ago

@ Nate R.
Nothing changed with the unit, WGF said they had wanted to include "difficult public access for awhile, being how mule deer are so sparse on the public land there.

Utah bowhunter attacked by mountain lion - posted 6 months ago

Dick N. Shame on you for your improper and excessive use of commas.

Over 7,000 apply for Wyoming grizzly bear hunt - posted 7 months ago

No Jane Goodall would be taking money away from conservation because I'm assuming she would not pay the 6,000$ tag fee that anyone else who drew would end up paying after they were successful in the draw. But to piggy back on what you said, the same thing happened in California after they banned lion hunting. The current yearly mortality rate from depredation permits exceeds hunt mortality from that last few years before the ban, so like you said no lives even saved.

Over 7,000 apply for Wyoming grizzly bear hunt - posted 7 months ago

Correction Jane Goodall is not a legendary "conservationist". Conservationists believe in sustainable use ie hunting. She is an Environmental activist.

Nevada Big Game Unit 141 - posted 8 months ago

The Nevada department of wildlife does a great job with tracking data on all of their big game herds. You can find info on their site about harvest numbers in each individual unit by point class and also unit descriptions. I copied the description for the areas you drew below. Sounds like you guys might want to give Roberts mountain a thought.

"RECOMMENDED HUNTING AREAS FOR MULE DEER: The majority of the deer are
concentrated in the Diamond Range, unit 144. Hunters should concentrate at mid to upper
elevations early in the season. The Diamond Peak area and the north end of the Diamond
Range have steep rugged terrain with few roads offering hunters some rugged country to
hike or use horses. Roberts Mountain, unit 143, has a smaller population but good hunting
early in the season. The Cortez Range has a low-density deer herd living on a near
treeless mountain with the majority of habitat dominated by big sagebrush. The Fish Creek
Range has small resident deer populations with hunting improving late in October as deer
migrate into this unit."