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Colorado wolf ballot may have enough support - posted 2 months ago

This is crazy...and I live in California, so I know crazy first hand. Game management should be done by science, not the ballot box

Breakdown of OTC elk hunts in the West - posted 6 months ago

@Dave B.- There's an error in one of the tables above. CO OTC 2nd Season, Unit 133 shows Public land of 99.8%, but the 3rd Season chart below and the actual page shows, 10.9% public land.

Thought you should know.

How to purchase Montana bonus points and preference points - posted 7 months ago

Are all Bonus B points for doe/cows?

Wyoming Elk Unit 25 - posted 1 year ago

Nicholas M, can you email me at Thanks!

Wyoming Elk Unit 25 - posted 1 year ago

@ Nick, how was it for you and your Dad? Did you have a good hunt?