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Wyoming wolves lose federal protections - posted 2 years ago

Robert R. is probably right about the nonsensical posts from ML and Margaret about wolves not impacting big game. Statistics are crystal clear from USFWS and every state wildlife agency that has wolves.

The trending social media hunting blitz - posted 3 years ago

Good points. I'm shocked by the crap my boys get from their peers on social media about hunting. It's like we're losing a generation of sportsmen. It's hard for them to articulate all the things they love about hunting to someone who has never spent a day in the field, or worse, a hater who thinks hunting is just killing. We need to be smart and careful with social media.

A massive black bear that was worth the wait - posted 3 years ago

It's too bad William "DB" distracted the discussion... Bowdie that is an awesome bear! Congrats! That boar's head looks massive and that cinnamon coat is beautiful. Sounds like a great hunt, thanks for sharing.

A massive black bear that was worth the wait - posted 3 years ago

William D. I've hunted black bear in Utah on public / private land and also in Alaska on tribal land. In Utah, we used dogs and covered the most rugged, God-forsaken country I've ever hunted (including sheep country in the Yukon). In Alaska, on tribal land, we didn't use dogs, but half of the locations were "required" by the permitting tribe to use tree stands over bait. Baiting a tree stand vs. 8 miles of jagged cliffs that rise and fall 3000 feet of elevation with dogs...which is more pure hunting? Both. Don't judge. If you need to belittle others to make yourself feel like a better hunter, you need to spend more time in the field on more challenging hunts yourself.

Delist the Great Lakes gray wolves? - posted 4 years ago

Insanity. US Fish & Wildlife Service and wolf advocates would sacrifice big game populations to reintroduce a dog-hybrid wolf in southwestern states: