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THE OFFSEASON — Season 3 — Episode 4 - posted 8 months ago

Your best film--Sundance worthy. As upstanding citizens of this great nation you all did your part to get the word out about millennials before it is too late. You are to be commended. Don't stop now. There are many, many millennials wreaking havoc on this great nation of ours. These soulless people-like flesh bags must not be permitted to further advance their avocado toast agenda.

THE OFFSEASON — Season 3 — Episode 3 - posted 8 months ago

Oregon Track Club--you a Duck?

Washington approves blaze pink law - posted 9 months ago

This is AWESOME. Cannot wait until Sitka puts out a new line of pink MENS hunting clothing! Just imagine pink optifade--holy hell I'm stoked!

Montana teen survives bear attack - posted 9 months ago

Just listened to the Hunting Collective podcast this am about a Grizzly attack in the same area last year by a sow protecting her cubs. That bear was never found. Area appears to have a large number of grizzlies or one very angry sow. Be careful folks.

THE ONSEASON — Season 2 — Episode 9 - posted 1 year ago

Damn I like watching you guys grow. Keep it up.