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Scotty M.

Do you need a new bow? - posted 2 weeks ago

This is a very timely article for me. I've been shooting the same bow since 2007, and it was a mid tier bow that year. I've been thinking it's time to upgrade. I'm pretty sure I've made my decision, and this helped confirm it was the right one.

Scotty M.

ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

This is really disappointing news. After 6 years in the military and seven years in college, and many years struggling to raise young children, I'm finally reaching a point where I can afford to hunt out of state. I'll be 40 this year. I already have a narrow window where I'll have both the physical and financial ability to do the things I've always dreamed of doing. However, it seems that opportunities are getting more and more difficult to find each year. I'm too old to build points. I just want to hunt. I tried Colorado last year, and it's really hard to justify spending the money to hunt OTC there when it's so overcrowded and harvest rates are abysmal. I had settled on the Wyoming General tag as my plan. I should draw a tag this year, and I hoped to hunt it 3-4 more times before I get too old to do so. It seems even this could become more unattainable.

Scotty M.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2020: Wyoming Elk - posted 2 months ago

Thanks for putting this out guys! I have 3 points and was 90% sure I was going to put in for the general, but I waited for this article just in case there was something new I needed to be aware of. This article reaffirmed that my plan was still solid. I submitted my application this morning. I'm really looking forward to spending two weeks in Wyoming this September.

Scotty M.

Alert: New 2020 Wyoming nonresident elk draw result date change - posted 3 months ago

It would figure that the year I plan to cash in 3 pts for a general elk tag, WY would change the laws. While I should be able to get a general tag with 3 pts, I can no longer rely on NM as a back up draw option. Doing so would mean floating a couple thousand dollars, as well as running the risk of drawing both tags and having to turn one in (I only have 3 weeks of vacation each year). Question. If you are drawn and have to turn the tag back in, do you get your points back or lose them?

Scotty M.

The lethal factors behind your broadheads - posted 11 months ago

Every tool has a role. The trick is to match the proper tool to the job at hand. If you are hunting whitetails on small semi-urban properties where you may not have permission to track beyond the property you are hunting, a large cutting diameter mechanical may very well be the right tool. Such a broadhead almost certainly not the right tool for shooting elk with a low poundage bow with moderate speed and a light arrow, especially if you might be required to make shots beyond 20 yards or so. In that scenario, a cut on contact broadhead with a long blade angle and extremely sharp blades would certainly seem to be a better option. Perhaps you are shooting heavy boned pigs, where a chisel tip would come in handy to break through those bones.

Let's be honest. There are definitely poorly made broadheads out there. However, I would wager that hunters more often find themselves in trouble by choosing the wrong tool for the job than by choosing poorly made tools.

Great article. Happy hunting!