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Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 8 months ago

Although Idaho has not been on my list Its good to stay up to date

Jody W congrats on being able to hunt moose from Ontario. Im from Ontario and have not ever drawn a bull or cow tag. in most areas if you are not in a group of 5-6 guys good luck and in the popular units even with a group of 15 there is no guarantee of a tag. I did have a short term plan to hunt with an outfitter that will "provide a tag". But guess what. Ontario is going to a points system for moose. it will be very interesting but I think the change will be for the better.

Now could you guys imagine if Idaho said as a resident you need to at minimum be in a group of 15 to apply for 1 bull tag but you have no guarantee you'll draw.

Brady Miller's 2017 late-season backcountry gear list - posted 2 years ago

Awesome write up! Maybe I missed it but whats the attachment on the side of the gun? Looks like its to hold 2 extra rounds.

ALERT: Montana's New Bonus Point Application Period - posted 2 years ago

The e-mail alert I got today with this post just saved me a ton of headache. Thanks