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Organizations unite against CO wolf reintroduction initiative - posted 2 months ago

This regulation of wildlife by the ballot box has already been proven to have unintended consequences. Look at the Colorado Constitution Amendments concerning the Spring Bear hunt and the Mountian Lion hunt. Recently the bear and lion populations have exploded, increased license availability is falling short of controlling the populations. This along with more people moving into the mountians, less habit area for the animals and natural food shortages for the animals are creating more animals to become more dependent on human. Just watch as the number of bear and lion encounters with humans rises every year. And now we the voters want to reintroduce another APEX predator with no predator of it's own to help control the population. To bad the Colorado Front Range controls the direction of the ballot box on issues that don't affect the Front Range.

Colorado’s controversial predator plan under fire - posted 2 years ago

My question would be why study the environmental impact now? When the spring bear hunt and other hunting bans were put into the state constitution there wasn't an environmental impact study done then. It was pull at the heart strings of city dwellers that don't hunt to vote for the anti hunting state constitution amendments. Then the same city dwellers are all up in arms about the bears, lions, coyotes and other predators are being found in the city.