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Brian K.

Muzzleloader law breakdown throughout the western states - posted 1 year ago

Washington has changed their laws this year to allow 209 primers in muzzleloaders.

From the regs, "Ignition is to be wheel lock, matchlock, flintlock, or percussion. Primers designed to be used in modern cartridges are legal."

Brian K.

Wyoming Antelope Unit 77 - posted 1 year ago

Thanks Todd. We opted for points only last season. Hopefully this year we'll have better options with the early hunts.

Brian K.

20 people just won a Klymit Sleeping Bag - posted 2 years ago

First on the list! Oh, wait...different Brian K.

Brian K.

Wyoming Antelope Unit 77 - posted 2 years ago

For hunts that are labeled "Valid only on or within ½ mile of irrigated land", are these primarily on private land? My son is heading off to college in the fall so we need to make our antelope hunt early but I'm not sure what to expect with the ½ mile restriction.