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Matt B.

California Deer Zone D-16 - posted 1 year ago

Should be another good season. Last years water really filled the ponds and seasonal creeks up. And this year they are doing the same. Just need another big fire to really set this zone off

Matt B.

California Elk Zone 15 - posted 1 year ago

I harvested a nice bull with the 449 in 2017. If anyone needs any help navigating that. Get at me.


Matt B.

Idaho Big Game Unit 68 - posted 1 year ago

For the controlled archery tag for this unit starting August 1st are the elk still in velvet?

Matt B.

Western hunting opportunities for military members - posted 2 years ago

Awesome info! I’ve used a few of these opportunities. Lots of other states make similar adjustments for those who are serving and or served.

Matt B.

New Mexico Big Game Unit 28 - posted 2 years ago

2017 Tag puncher. DM me here for any questions or @fishpervert