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Fixed blade vs. expandable blade broadheads... which is right for you? - posted 3 months ago

I have been bowhunting since 1976,and have killed way over a hundred big game animals, over half with and an elburg longbow and handmade cedar shafts, and 2 blade magnus broadheads, including deer elk,bear, and caribou.
When mechanical heads hit the market,I could not understand why anybody would put moving parts on a broadhead. There are way to many variables with this type of head, ie, will it open properly, hitting bone,raking shots,penetration, and most importantly,blade sharpness.How many bowhunters using these heads actually test the sharpness, and touch them up accordingly?Is it even possible?
The most devastating internal damage that I have ever seen, with all the animals that I harvested, is with traditional equipment,with a 2 bladed broadhead,( so sharp you start to bleed just by looking at it)that penetrates 6 to 12 inches in the chest cavity, and because its 2 fixed blades, is allowed to slice and dice,something that just can't happen with a mechanical or 3 or more fixed blade head.
I had no problem finding fixed blade broadheads with traditional, compound or my crossbow, that fly like fieldpoints,my new favorite with my crossbow is "slick trick"
To the bowhunters on the fence on this issue,traditional,compound,or crossbow,great! Aluminum,wood, or carbon,no problem! One site, or 5 pins, whatever. 2 blade,3 blade,4 blade,chisel tip or cut on contact fixed blade, YES!
Mechanical heads, NO!