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Enhancing your hunting photography game in the field - posted 3 months ago

The A7iii is 24.2 mp but way more than enough mega pixels. Right now I have a 24-70 lens as well. I have not used this lens yet so I’m not sure exactly how it will perform. This can be a very expensive hobby for sure. Don’t discount your phone as well. I run OnX maps with my phone so When I am in the field I always have my phone on me as well an my iPhoneX takes great pics and with a little post production the photos almost look like I know what I’m doing. My biggest hurdle was trying to come up with a system that allows me to carry my camera where it doesn’t interfere with hiking or my hunt. I think finding a carry system that works for you that will allow you to keep the camera secure and accessible is key.

I would like to know the connector used in the pic above that allowed you to secure your camera to your back pack strap.

Enhancing your hunting photography game in the field - posted 3 months ago

Justin, In my opinion it is based on ones budget. I just purchased a Sony A7 iii which is 2k with out lens but prior to this I used a Sony a6000 and traded that one in for a Sony rx100 mkv5 a point and shoot camera. I Love the Rx100 and still use it alot today when Im on travel because it is easy to keep on me and pull out and get a great looking shots. In my opinion both of those camera or similar ones will work just as good in the field and you cant really go wrong. Now that I just got my A7 I am going to have to get use to carrying a full size camera now. As mentioned in the article the key is to always have your camera out and ready to take pics. Let us know what you decided on. I am always interested in peoples camera set ups.

Leupold winners announced: Five people won 10x42 BX-5 Santiam HD binoculars - posted 5 months ago

I saw Joe A and got excited then I saw the location. Lol