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APPLICATION STRATEGY 2020: Montana Antelope - posted 2 weeks ago

What is the $20 bonus point fee you have the option of selecting when you apply for the 900-20 archery only tag? Do you need this?

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2020: Montana Antelope - posted 1 month ago

Please test my understanding.
I currently have 1 point and want to draw antelope this fall. 705 is my first choice, but if im unsuccessful Id like the 900-20 as fallback. According to the new rules you CAN NOT select the 900 archery only as a second choice. That would leave me without a tag if I don't draw the 705 with roughly 32% odds.

If i absolutely want to go this year, do I just burn my 1 bonus point and just stick with the 900 archery? Is there a way to keep my point and still hunt this 900-20? What do you mean when you say " the 900 series archery-only permit has its own set of bonus points that are separate from the standard antelope pool"

Freeze-dried food taste test: Mountain House Edition! - posted 8 months ago

b&g all the way

Archery training tips to become a better bowhunter - posted 1 year ago

good tips.. i would add making sure you are as comfortable letting down as you are drawing and to practice with your broadheads.

Hunter defends viral mountain lion video and photo - posted 1 year ago

Totally agree with Josh A.. couldn’t agree more. Own up to it