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6 reasons why llamas are the ultimate pack animal for hunting - posted 5 months ago

I rented 2 llamas for an Idaho backcountry elk hunt 3 years ago. To be honest I wasn't very impressed. They were very slow, and couldn't get off trail much at all. To be fair, I do think we got the best of the bunch because we only paid for two. If someone is looking to do this themselves, I'd say make sure you can afford to get several of them, and lower your expectations about how much country you can cover.

Idaho approves changes to moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat quotas - posted 9 months ago

So a NR can now apply for these one in a lifetime species for $41 instead of paying the full $2200 up front..... is that correct?

If that's the case, I'd imagine there will be some unclaimed tags from successful applicants. Any plans on how Idaho will distribute those?

Idaho Big Game Unit 67 - posted 1 year ago

I see a couple guys may be looking for a buddy to do a pack-in hunt here. I'm looking at this unit as well, and would be willing to team up with someone. The only thing is, I'm planning on going the first week of season for elk and possible deer too. So like the 1-6th. I've got more time off later in the month to go back, but I wanna check it out early before I commit to my peak rut time. I'm a pretty experienced back-country hunter, and have hunted bear country before.

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