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Colorado wants public input on big game management - posted 2 months ago

Links for comments on the topics don't seem to be working.

What’s the best way to pack game meat: Bone in or bone out? - posted 2 months ago

Good article. I think it depends how far the pack out is and the temperature.

Wyoming Elk Unit 13 - posted 6 months ago

During any legal weapon - general, I dont believe its correct that either sex is legal. Isn't it bull only (or any antlered elk) from 10/15-10/22, and 10/23-10/31 is any elk?

Get your 2018 Colorado deer and antelope results early - but it takes some work - posted 9 months ago

Have they posted the Elk Recap yet? Can't seem to find it on the CPW site.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2018: Nevada Elk - posted 11 months ago

Are there separate bonus points for antlerless vs antlered elk?