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Government ordered to review grizzly bear protections - posted 3 months ago

Mike M
Missoula MT

The grizzlies are creating a big problem here in Montana now. One area I use to hunt 4 hunter got cued up this last season. The Grizzlies should be moved to California. Into all mountain areas. Starting in the mountains from San Diego area going north of the state line. The High Ser. would be a great place with lots or room to grow.

They keep dumping the Grizzlies in the bitterroot, but they don't make it their. I am sure that California would be great place for the Grizzlies Bears. They don't want anybody to hunt there. That way no bears would get shot there.

Arizona's prized hunting areas may close - posted 5 years ago

This needs to be stopped. This President is Stupid. He is hurting this country in a great many ways. This is just one more way to put this country under.