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Montana Big Game Unit 324 - posted 8 months ago

Thanks Trevor, good to know about the trails and the bears, hunting around grizz is definitely different but it also seems to keep the hunting pressure down. That’s part of what makes this unit attractive !

Wyoming Elk Unit 38 - posted 8 months ago

Oran, pm me at

Two Minnesota wolves relocated to Michigan’s Isle Royale - posted 11 months ago

I’ve been out to the island quite a few times, it’s very evident that the moose are eating themselves out of house and home. The over grazing of shrubs and trees is the most extreme I’ve ever seen in my life. There are other routes that I would have liked to see taken instead of dropping off wolves onto the island like relocating Moose to Minnesota or a special hunt out there, But something needed to be done to reduce the population. I also feel kinda bad for the wolves that got kidnapped from Minnesota and dropped off in a foreign land.

Montana Big Game Unit 324 - posted 11 months ago

Just curious if anyone has archery hunted this unit and with the aid of horses? Just trying to feel things out about the horse trail network in this area? Limited? Extensive? Etc....

Utah bowhunter attacked by mountain lion - posted 1 year ago

A lot of us “coward” hunters are the same men and women that will gladly go to the front line and risk their lives to fight for your freedom.