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12-year-old cancer survivor shoots first bull elk - posted 4 months ago

Great story.

2018 Colorado bighorn sheep hunt - posted 6 months ago

Congratulations on drawing a tag and working hard for a tough, successful hunt!

How to build a layering system - posted 6 months ago

I was also very hesitant at first to spend the money on some of these items but after I absolutely destroyed some cheaper clothing, which was also really REALLY uncomfortable, I started getting pieces of First Lite one and two at a time. Like Josh, who has been really helpful giving me advice on gear, I hunt southern Arizona but try to hunt the Wisconsin rut out of a tree stand whenever I can. The investment has been well worth it, and whether you prefer FL or any of the other brands I highly recommend incorporating a quality layering system. My personal favorite layering system is a merino underwear, mountain athlete triad sock, corrugate guide pants (awesome) wicking hoody, kiln quarter zip, Halstead Tech Fleece which has been replaced by the new Klamath line and the insulating layer is their new catalyst jacket. I have the Woodbury for cold weather sits in the tree stand. As for noise the tech fleece, and from what I've heard the new Klamath, is as close to silent as can be in addition to being my most comfortable piece. A quality layering system makes all the difference on a hunt where the temps and conditions swing or change significantly and for me there's no other way to go.

Utah bowhunter attacked by mountain lion - posted 8 months ago

Are anti-hunters also anti-grammar?

Utah bowhunter attacked by mountain lion - posted 8 months ago

That's scary. I'm not an expert by any means but the way it's described it almost sounds like it was a defensive attack as if it was defending cubs or something as opposed to predatory. Either way I hope I'm never in that position.