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Colorado's 2020-2026 new hunting season dates... how will they impact you? - posted 3 months ago

Not going to commit on the archery season structure to much. Maybe having separate archery seasons for Deer & Elk would be the way to go with deer season starting in August, but 29 day's seems like an adequate amount of time for the season length.

But shortening the 2nd & 3rd rifle seasons & doing away with 50% of the weekend hunting day's stinks for some of us local rifle hunters that live only an hour our two away from their hunting areas, and don't want to or can't take off day's during the week. I away's enjoyed the 2nd weekend of the 9 day season's a lot less hunters in the field. Have taken a lot of animals on the last weekend of the 9 day seasons, and I have been hunting for many years.

Also I can't see how shorter seasons are in the best interests of a hunter that has invested a lot of preference points in a hunt. Now you can spend several day's before the season start's "scouting" but, lots of things can change weather, hunting pressure, maybe you get sick, maybe you need to rest for a day or two & re-group, vehicle problems, etc.. More day's to hunt is always better in my opinion for the hunter that has a lot of preference points tied up in a hunt.

So, if your not one of those professional hunter type guy's that always get's his animal/trophy on the 1st few day's of the season, and would like to keep the season lengths, as is I suggest you voice your displeasure at the email address for the wildlife commission If enough people complain maybe the wildlife commission will reject the season structure.