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New Mexico Big Game Unit 21A - posted 1 year ago

@Jerry Thanks for the feedback! When talking about there being lots of road hunters, etc, do you mean only in unit 21B? I am hearing that most of the elk are found in northern part of 21A so am wondering if maybe most of the mule deer would be in the southern portion. Great job tagging out though! Nothing wrong with a younger deer. Last season I had a couple blown chances so all I care about this year is getting something on the ground. I would like to backpack in, but 21B looks like a lot of private land and not a lot of opportunity to get away from crowds (at least according to onxmaps).

New Mexico Big Game Unit 21A - posted 1 year ago

@Jerry H.

How did your hunt go? I am interested in applying for that same hunt, or maybe the later one for better odds. Interested in your thoughts and hopefully you tagged out!



Oregon Big Game Unit 37 - posted 2 years ago

Can you specify the different harvest restrictions for each of the hunts that have multiple listings with the same dates and weapons? I'm assuming it is a difference of "any animal" or "antlered" but I want to make sure.


Colorado tries baiting to save deer and elk - posted 2 years ago

Looks like survival rates of does through the winter is actually doing better as of 2/22/17 (92%) than the average rate since the 07/08 winter (89%). However, fawn survival is down 11%. Main difference being snow did not come in as early this year and the temperatures are a great deal warmer than in that famous winter 8 years ago. Hopefully it eases up. (

Thoughts on applying for an elk tag in 67? Apps are due within a week and there are some people saying to avoid this unit for the next few years and others saying it shouldn't be much different.

Colorado Big Game Unit 4 - posted 2 years ago

Thank you for the help guys! Is there a different unit for a new elk hunter you would recommend? From what you're saying and from what I have heard it is somewhat disheartening to think about travelling all the way there just to witness a free for all. The solitude and serenity of the outdoors is almost as important to me as success. Almost. So I'm thinking I should be looking for a different unit to draw where it will be less crowded and I can work harder to fill my freezer.

Thoughts on where to go? Any help is appreciated. Thank you again!