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Jeffrey C.

Idaho Big Game Unit 25 - posted 2 years ago

I will be hunting up here near Warm Lake in about a week. Looking forward to it.

Jeffrey C.

Oregon poachers sentenced for beheading bighorns on I-84 - posted 2 years ago

I have seen these sheep crossing I-84. I think they go down to the Columbia River for water. They are very vulnerable when they are doing this and it's despicable that someone would poach them. A very selfish act. How could they have ever looked at those mounts (if they had gotten away with it) and not been ashamed? There is no honor, and nothing to be gained from poaching.

Jeffrey C.

April INSIDER giveaway: 5 Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon SPEED Rifles - posted 2 years ago

I have one already in 300 WSM. I am loving it every trigger pull. It recoils like a 7-08mm. Light weight and feels good in your hands. I could always use another one maybe in 6.5 creadmoor this time.